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Cooltan Tan Through Sportswear is Made In USA!
Stay cool, get suntan right thru your swimsuit or shirt!
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Triangle Top Bikinis
Halter Top Bikinis
One-piece Suits
Whether you're at the beach, boating, on vacation, or just relaxing in your yard, a COOLTAN tan-through swimsuit or shirt lets you get a natural suntan right through the fabric... It's fast. It's easy. And it's 100% cool & comfortable!

Swimsuits and Shirts work like a medium level sunscreen

The secret is Microsol, a unique patented lightweight fabric that lets sunlight through your shirt or swimsuit like a medium level sunscreen, eliminating the need for messy lotions. You'll get a tan about as fast as you would with a medium SPF sunscreen. The lightweight Microsol fabric also keeps you cool and comfortable! Air and water flow right through the fabric, so you'll stay cooler and drier even on hot summer days.